Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2010.10.12 Tuesday

Awesome. I stayed up later than I should have and didn't really eat well, so today I am super groggy.

Work was fun. Lots of misdirection and running in circles.

After work I had class. Today I was assigned to give a presentation. The whole week before I wasn't worried about it at all, but when people start telling me everything at the last minute I start to panic. Also, waiting for other people to finish their presentation is nerve-wrecking for me. I'd rather just walk in and get it done.

In the middle of class, the professor decided to assign impromptu presentations also. Meaning I had to give 2 presentations today. The second one I had to pull lot's of junk out of my trunk.

Arrived and home and that's when I really got down to business. I hacked up one of my tomato plants that wasn't producing much, but kept the other one alive. The other one has around 4 bulbous growths that look like it could one day be a tomato. I also watered my pepper plants.

Next up, vacuuming. I did the downstairs, the stairs, and the upstairs area. I was a bit adventurous with the vacuum and went in crevices and nooks, some crannies. The windows had lots of dead bugs and dust, the corners behind the couches had webs with dead bugs, the stairs have collected random artifacts from days long past, and hair from animals and humans alike. I did a small amount of dusting with the vacuum, but that turned out to be less effective than a damp cloth so I switched. I cleaned up the common areas a tad, like the kitchen table, coffee table, and TV stand. I also cleaned up the vacant room a tad.

Then I mopped the downstairs. Hopefully this picks up the dust that I just started pushing around from vacuuming. The goal here is to try and clean up surfaces so that there is less particulate in the air. Maybe this will affect allergy symptoms in a good way, maybe in a bad way, maybe not at all.

Before I knew it, it was time for bed. Productive day.

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