Sunday, October 3, 2010

2010.10.02 Saturday

Today, we had some friends over for the UT vs OU game / Red River Rivalry. I went into the game with low expectations, which was probably a good idea. There were a few glimmers of hope, especially near the end where we were getting the ball with a few minutes left, and had to get a 2-point conversion to tie. But just as I think the game could turn around, we dropped a punt and set the remainder of the game in stone.

I had snacked most of the game, plus ate pluckers. I haven't exactly been healthy lately. Tossed around the football, hung out some more, then headed out to the lakehouse.

Why go out to the lakehouse? Oh just making a movie/video for a Halloween party. What kind of movie? Well, it's somewhere between a trailer of a scary movie and a spoof of aforementioned. One thing I noticed was that the directors of the idea were coming in planning on "winging-it", so I was able to have a fair amount of creative input on what was happening. I also realized that I am slightly camera-shy, and I should have shaved. The feeling of being camera-shy reminds me of how I used to be microphone-shy.

Since we went out to the lakehouse, that means we missed Justin's show at the Dizzy Rooster. Instead, by the time we were at home, we were both practically asleep.

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