Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2010.09.28 Tuesday

Work went by quickly, and things are moving along swimmingly. After work, my fellow Austin classmates and I met up to discuss our latest project. The homework and classwork isn't necessarily challenging, but I believe it is rather easy to not answer what the professor wants. If you miss something he deems important, looking at some points taken off.

I got home later than normal from the studying. I cooked up some macaroni pasta and sauce for dinner, with a side of four-pepper hummus and garlic-parmesan pita chips. Of course, I could not help but play more Minecraft, but at least I worked on homework too.

One thing I have heard at some point in my life is that introverts value their personal time, while extroverts value time spent interacting with others. It is starting to feel like my time to "wind-down", or do nothing, or just plain get bored is limited; so I value time devoted to me. So the question here is, does the lifestyle dictate the personality, or does the personality dictate the lifestyle, or do the two have loose linkage?

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