Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2010.09.07 Tuesday

Back to the grind. The long weekend was very much appreciated. I actually didn't know it was coming up, but once it was here, mmm mmm.

Work then school. At least I get fed during evening class.

After class, did a few things for work then made my way home through the storm. I would have to argue that tropical storms are a lot more dangerous. It seems like nobody knew this was coming, and Central Texas roads/drivers are not designed to handle this. Pretty scary. If it was a real "hurricane" then I bet everything would be shut down and everybody would be waiting it out in the safety of their homes.

I spent the evening moving stuff around upstairs. The music room has a lot more space when the unnecessary items are taken out. Where did these items go? Travis's now vacant room. Might as well put a few items in there that I hardly use. Good to spread out some.

Leftovers for dinner.

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