Monday, September 13, 2010

2010.09.13 Monday

Took Kelc to the airport, the back to the grind.

Work wasn't too bad. Either things are slightly slowing down, or I'm speeding up. Still some fun times ahead.

Went home through some crazy traffic. Crazy drivers frustrate me, but I'm getting better at not being bothered as much. Even when I'm running late, or want to get somewhere quickly, I try to drive responsibly. Is the increased risk of death really worth the recklessness? I think it isn't.

Changed clothes, put in some laundry, grabbed the mail key, and hopped on my skateboard. *GASP* yeah that's right, I went skateboarding. I've lost a good deal of the comfort level that I used to have, which also means there is no confidence behind any flip trick. I really need to spend a few minutes each day just riding around and getting back my "skate-legs". I think I can get myself back into pretty good shape if I just keep at it and don't break anything. My body has retained some strength from all the weight training I've been doing, but since I don't get out and run around as much, I don't think I'm as agile as I used to be. I also should get a bicycle and build up my quads... it was almost disgusting.

Worked on some things with my computer. I'm trying to figure out what all I have left to listen to in my music listening adventure. Not too long after that, I found myself playing Minecraft. There goes the evening.

Later, cooked up some sauteed asparagus, macaroni with roasted tomato and garlic marinara, and some garlic hummus. Yum.

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Kelcey said...

you say "back to the grind" like every week