Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 Week 11 (08-14)

House starting to smell better.

Kelc arrived home earlier than expected.  I spent most of the day cranking through the midterm.  I don't think the professor tried working through the exam prior to assigning it, because there a few places where not enough information was provided.  Maybe I am expecting too much of grad school.

Worked a mostly normal day, except stopping a bit early to finish up some loose ends on the exam.  Yeah so the professor decides to give more information the day the exam is due and thinks everything is ok.  I guess that sucks for anybody who started early and didn't get all the necessary information.  Procrastination pays off every time.

Worked a long day.  Chatted with Kelc at home about stupid work things.

Worked another long day.  No trivia for me

Worked another long day.

Woke up late. Worked on my off Friday to clean up some messes

Home late, packed up the car and clothes

Up at a reasonable hour, finished packing and breakfasting, then on the road

Made it to conroe in good time. Chilled for a bit, then over to the Wedding.

Back late, tired.

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