Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2015 Week 8 (15-21)

Worked on homework for a good chunk of the day.

Cooked up a bison steak dinner with Kelc

Got to work late, so I departed late.  Stopped by TacoB on the way home, ate quickly, then worked on homework until late in the night.

Worked longer day, finishing up some homework.

Finished audiobook of Surely You're Joking Mr Feynman. Not sure what book to start next.

In work a bit later because Kelc's schedule shifted around a bit.
Left work late. Started an audiobook of John Dies At The End on my way home.  At some leftovers and played a bit of L4D2 before jumping in bed.

Worked another long day.
Enjoying the new audiobook for my commute.
Cooked myself dinner and cleaned up dishes.

Another long day. Left late.

Cooked up some veggies for dinner, watched some AFV, Demetri Martin standup, and Arrested Development.

Kevin stopped by with friends to pick up CAH.

Enjoyed the weather by doing some yardwork.  Raked up some leaves in the front yard, pulled some weeds all over, and threw down a light sprinkling of fertilizer.

Played a bunch of L4D2 late into the night.

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