Monday, May 21, 2012

2012.05.11 Friday

Met up with the realtor with Kelc and my dad.  We went to see the 3 houses I am most interested in.  As expected, Kelc and my dad did not like the house that I was excited about because of all the fix-up work it needs.  That was the part I liked.

After the house viewings, went over to Kelc's work to drop off paper.  Then a quick hop over to have lunch at Mighty Fine Hamburgers.

Then took a nice nap.

Met up with Kelc and Taylor and Habs, then drove with Habs down to The Salt Lick for Taylors birthday extravaganza.  We thought we had a long wait, then they said there was no wait.  We also thought there might be upwards of 20 people showing up, then 10, then something in between.

Afterwards, hung out at Taylors+Habs and played Cranium.  Soon Marisa and Ray showed up to throw a wrench into the unbalanced teams.

Home late.

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