Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2012.05.05 Saturday

I set my alarm early but just on quiet radio so I could fade into being awake.  Well that didn't happen as planned, but I woke up at just the right time.  I showered and grabbed a quick breakfast, then off to...

Meet up with a realtor to check out a house I am interested in.  I got there slightly early, and we ended up having to wait around because the key box wouldnt grant us access.  The internal clock was probably off by a few minutes.  The house was nice, but you can tell it has been vacant for a while now; bugs collecting in the corners, dust, musky air.  Overall, I like the floor plan.  That is one thing that is hard, if not impossible, to change in a house.  There are some things that definitely need attention, but nothing that is preventing it from being livable.

Back home, my brother showed up to hang out.  After some chatting, we went outside to wash his car.  We did a wash, clay bar, dry, wax, and headlight restoration.  Looked pretty sweet after all was done.  Then he left to go get new wiper blades.

My fa ja and I pulled out the power tools and started cutting some wood for the cupcake project.  Things go much much faster the second time around.  It really helps having a stencil to use too.  Good that we worked on this instead of washing my car too, because I could tell my arms and neck were a tad burnt from the little time I was in the sun for my brother's car.  Good stuff.

Later on in the evening, I worked on cleaning my car. (Wash, clay bar, wax, touch-up paint, longhorn logo)  It took a pretty long time, and I was exhausted.

Showered up, then went over to Kelc's to drop off some suits and pick her up for dinner.  Mmmm Torchy's Tacos.

The over to Hab+Tay's place to watch some Death Note with Habs.  Kelc fell asleep in the middle of episode 2.

Home, sleep.

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