Monday, December 13, 2010

2010.12.10 Friday

Woke up before I really needed to today. Took a shower and was getting my things ready for some fun travels. Well once I got out of the shower, I received a text message saying that Kelc's mom was outside already ready to go. Yikes! Let's roll.

I drove us to the airport, then we bussed in to the terminal. There we had to check bags, go through security, then head to our gate. We had some time to spare, so Kelc's mom went to see how other flights were looking to make sure we were going to make it to Michigan. The flight to DFW wasn't that crowded, so we were able to sit in First Class. Yeah that sounds great and all, but on such a short flight, you don't really see any benefits of First. Flying standby, you get to wait while everybody boards the plane. If you are ever flying and see people that look like they are running late to their flight, and just barely making it... good chance they weren't running late, but are actually flying standby. Anyways.. my main point to make is that as standby you get on at the last second, and the flight to DFW is 15 minutes of ascent, 10 minutes of cruising, and 15 minutes of descent. Not a lot of time to get pampered.

At DFW, we met up with Kelc. The flight to Detroit didn't look so good like it did yesterday. Now it looks like we might need to start figuring out some backup plans, or wait for later flights. Well, we ended up lucking out and they assigned the very last seat on the plane to me. *phew* That was a close one.

Two and a half hours later we arrived at Detroit's airport. Balloons everywhere! Well, just in the part of the terminal we entered. Guess they were celebrating something.

Picked up our bags at baggage claim, then bussed over to the rental car place. A compact will do just fine. Kelc's dad met up with us at the rental place, and off we went to Ann Arbor.

On the way, we hit a rather large clump of traffic. Turns out Detroit doesn't know how to deal with accidents. A fender-bender between two cars, which was already on the left shoulder, closed down the left shoulder, left lane, middle lane, and part of the right lane. A fire truck spanned almost all three lanes. THANKS GUYS. Keeping us safe by having more people slam on their brakes.

We went straight to the gym. Some of us changed clothes in the car. Really nice how rentals don't have any window tint. Even with the snowy/icy ground, it didn't really feel that cold.

At the gym meet, Kevin performed on floor and vault. He did well on both. Somewhat surprising was the audience. A flock of females hovered closely, and were yelling out the names of the gymnasts as they performed their routines.

Later, we went to the world-famous Zingerman's Deli. I really feel like Austin needs a place like this. They have a huge assortment of meats, breads and cheeses. Everything looked fantastic, except the prices. Upon receiving my sandwich, the price was justified. A small is easily filling, and a large is really two sandwiches with meat piled high.

After dinner, we went to check in at the hotel. Spent a few minutes there, and changed clothing, then out to Starbuck's to meet up with Kevin his friend Alex. About halfway through this, I was ready for bed.

Went back to the hotel room and promptly closed my eyes.

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