Monday, December 6, 2010

2010.12.03 Friday

Work again. Should be close to wrapping up the week.

Over lunch, a group of us work guys went out to play some football. I miss playing football every day like I used to in 7th grade. I lucked out and had a gym period right after the real middle school football team's time, and the coaches just wanted to go and talk about football. So every day... EVERY DAY we put on our white shirts and black or red shorts and went out to the fields. Most of the time we played tackle football. Yes, without pads. And yes, while it was practically snowing outside. Once in a blue moon we would have to run a couple laps before we could play, and one day it was raining too hard so we played dodgeball. Good times.

Back to work. Finish this week strong.

For dinner, another couple of steaks. Packed up my stuff, ran some errands, and began the drive to Arlington.

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