Friday, June 5, 2015

2015 Week 18 (26-2)

26. Sunday
Woke up and watched some 3rd Rock From the Sun.  Kelc went to a dog festivity today.  I spent a good chunk of the day doing some overdue spring cleaning.  Took a few breaks to play games.

I went grocery shopping later on. Came home and cooked up some roasted veggies and prepared a few work lunches.

27. Monday

28. Tuesday

29. Wednesday
Stopped by HEB on the way home for a few things.

30. Thursday

01. Friday
Took Kelc out to Chili's because I kept driving by and thinking about skillet queso.  Staff was super nice, food was mediocre at best.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.

02. Saturday
Ran a bunch of errands today. Felt accomplished, but drained.

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