Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2014.04.02 Wednesday

Worked from home for part of the day.

A friendly neighborhood power professional stopped by for the freely available Energy audit that I scheduled.  Typically people get energy audits when their bills are too high, and the person who comes by has to explain how electricity and air conditioning works.  I was looking for more information on best-bang-for-buck improvements I can do.

Turns out I'm already in like the top 5% in terms of efficiency based on square footage.  Kinda surprising with an a/c unit that is the same age as the house.  Overall, suggestions to seal up any air gaps (weather stripping, window seals, outlets, fireplace) would help out with the cool air leaking out.  I was thinking new windows or an extra layer of insulation in the attic, but those things would take a long time to break even on investment.  Good enough for me.

Went to Trivia. Went home and watched a bit of soccer, then bedtime.

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