Monday, April 15, 2013

2013.04.10 Wednesday (Sigur Ros concert)

Got to work late, and left a bit early.  Backwards from the last few weeks.  Felt great.

Home, cooked up a nice dinner for me and the female.

Headed to the Sigur Ros concert.  It was awesome.  Felt like they didn't play that many songs, but the ones they played were awesome.  Probably because their songs are so long.  The Cedar Park Center is nice since it is a bit smaller than other venues (seats don't really get high enough to be called nosebleed), but the seating is not really that great for concerts.  The stage is set off to the side, and all the seats face the middle (like for a hockey game).  It was a bit uncomfortable for my neck, but otherwise everything was good.  Oddly enough, there was a line for the men's restroom.

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