Thursday, March 28, 2013

2013.03.16 Saturday

Woke up and did some more yard work.  Winter was not kind to me, and let a good chunk of stuff invade.  Some visitors stopped by for a bit.  Then more yard work.

Watched a couple Doctor Who episodes, and started Vim Tutor, an electronic walkthrough to get started with Vim.  Vim is a text-editor.  It has a steep learning curve.

Decided to spend my evening working on the LED project that I had been putting off for a while.  Made a lot of good progress, but ran out of materials.  Also decided that I should really make the time tearing apart the car a bit more effective by putting the sound deadening material at the same time.  Now I need to shop for that.

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Unknown said...

If you're actually interested in learning Vim let me know, I have some stuff to share