Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013.01.01 Tuesday

I'm probably going to make a few typos on the post titles until my fingers re-learn how to type out the year.  Started the day off preparing a batch of black-eyed peas.  Supposed to be good luck.  Also, I make em tasty with bacon making its way into the recipe.

Cleaned up the kitchen, mopped around the house, and cleaned up some holiday decorations.  It's nice to be able to move around without feeling like crap.  I watched some IASIP and football while doing the "chores". Hooray for being able to move around.

Left for a late lunch to my parent's place.  I shared my lucky peas, they shared some chili.  Good collaborative meal.

Back home, did a tidbit of cleanup, then played some games.

Later on in the evening, decided I should put some effort into the extra bedroom, right now is a "junk room". Well, whenever I look at the stuff it doesn't really seem like junk, but rather piles of things I'd like to put some attention to... eventually.  It's more like a fun room when you really dig in to the boxes.  I think the space will get better when I start finding "homes" for the stuff.  Like my tools... they are spread out and have no home.  Suggestions?

Kelc arrived home after working too many hours over the course of a handful of days.  We watched some Sportsnight, then I turned in.

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