Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2012.05.31 Thursday

Woke up at normal time, but left for a golf course instead of work.  They had a few holes under construction, so things were a little weird.  On the first hole, you kind of had to drive along grass to find a makeshift teebox in the middle of everything.  I went up to tee off... and almost hit a groundskeeper on my first shot.  YEA!  First drive in multiple years... and it's almost injuring somebody.  I didn't think it would have that kind of distance on it either.

Played through to the back 9, and you could tell we were all getting a bit tired.  I had about 35% chance of hitting where I wanted, and about 15% chance that my ball was being played for best ball.  Eh, not bad.  Then on hole 17, we were on the green wrapping up the putting when it started to sprinkle a tad.  By the time we placed the flag in the hole, to when we were back at our carts, the rain came crashing down.  We were all completely soaked.  Completely.  Like I hung my shirt up after the drive home, and it was still dripping.  All in all, I'm still glad I was able to take some time out of the work week to get some quality fun time in with my dad, and not just talk about work all day.

Filled out paperwork for the realtor.  Grabbed a bite for lunch at Taco C.

Back home, worked.  Remote working is great and terrible at the same time.

Cooked up lettuce wraps for dinner.  I took some old ground beef, seasoned it with some cajun seasoning, then browned that.  Took a head of iceberg lettuce and made some leaves about taco-sized.. then consumed.  Twas awesome and delicious.  I think maybe even paleo.

Worked some more, then worked on cupcake project, then worked some more.


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