Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2012.03.07 Wednesday

As I took my morning shower, I couldn't help but think about how work is taking over my life. I was still connected to my work computer late into last night. I've got people bashing on me for updates, and no time to do them. I've put a lot of my own personal projects and goals aside, and that is pretty upsetting. Hopefully this wave of frustration will pass. If this is the direction that businesses out there are taking... (push your employees to do as much as possible for the least amount of compensation)... I think the country or world is heading down a dark path.

I sure do think a lot in the shower.

Worked a pretty long day, then went to class after all that. We had chinese food once again; I'm starting to get burnt out on it. Next week is spring break, so our professor made sure to assign something over the break, and talk about the upcoming midterm.

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