Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2011.11.02 Wednesday

Late to bed, late to rise. I tried out some new shaving soap with the fancy safety razor, and man what a difference that made. The blade just cruised over my skin without catching on anything.

< Soap Box >
I'm pretty pissed about the crap Kardashian wedding. Not only did I have to hear about some wedding that didn't matter to me at all, but now the media is taking another spin at it for only lasting just over 70 days. Stupid. Wasteful.
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Played some volleyball over lunch. It was fantastic, as usual.

For class today, we enjoyed some free pizza. Free because I sent in a complaint about how terrible service was last week, so the area customer service representative said the next meal is on the house. Not bad. Class, on the other hand, was difficult to put much mind effort in to.

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