Sunday, August 14, 2011

2011.08.14 Sunday

Took care of a much needed oil change today. I've determined that performing this in a garage is many times easier and more comfortable, and taking my time allows me to use just 2 shop towels to get the job done. Less mess = happier environment.

Thawed out a filet mignon for lunch/dinner. I rubbed salt on the meat and let that sit for an hour or so (trying to get it to room temp). Then heated up some bacon drippings in a pan. I'm hoping I can get away with using that instead of wrapping in actual bacon. I ended up cooking it just about medium, maybe a tad close to the rare side. It was fantastic. Many many times cheaper than a restaurant. Mmmmm.

Spent the rest of my time around computers. I wonder if they will give me cancer.

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